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SASS ALES Contest Report June 13 & 14, 2015
By Sandie Pugh


This was the first SASS ALES contest and also SASS’s first two one-day contests event. And a great success as we had pilots that only flew Saturday and that were replaced by others who only flew Sunday. Overall we had 23 pilots both days. The weather was unusually warm, about 83 degrees and nice. Saturday had Light winds in the morning and some higher gusts in the afternoon. Sunday was calm before lunch and then the winds came again! At times the lift was challenging.

Thurston County Miniature Aircraft Association (TCMAA) assisted and brought the scoring program, computers, printers, etc. Many had campers, RV’s and tents and enjoyed staying overnight Friday and Saturday at the field. Their club is located at Littlerock, WA. Sunday we had pilots from Port Townsend. Saturday we had pilots from SRAC (Snohomish). Hope I caught everyone here.

Larry Jolly and Merrill Brady drove 27 hours from Southern California to attend our contest! What a surprise. They were not only fantastic pilots but very gracious guests making this a really fantastic event for all the pilots!

Chef Brett Sutton presented a gourmet feast both Saturday and Sunday which was truly appreciated by everyone.

We flew 7 rounds Saturday with 6 pilots in 4 groups each round. Sunday we flew 5 rounds again with usually 6 in each group and everyone was on their way home by 3:00.

This really was a fun event! We hope to repeat this next year. Time and date TBD at this time.

Trophies were awarded for ALES Unlimited and ALES Radian/2 Meter as shown below.


Saturday Unlimited Saturday radian/2 meter

  1. Larry Jolly 1 Mark Kenworthy

  2. Merrill Brady 2 Paul Bower

  3. Josh Spurrell 3 Nathan Johnson

Sunday Unlimited Sunday Radian/2meter

  1. Larry Jolly 1 Josh Spurrell

  2. Mark Anderson 2 Dennis Richards

  3. Josh Spurrell 3 Rob Davis



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